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Get Smart 16 chanel Switch2

EGP 3,500

Get Smart 16 chanel Switch2

Products Characteristics (16R)
Through it, 16 lines are controlled, each line 16 amps.
- The product is equipped with a base for each relay, replace it in case there is a problem for the relay to replace it.
- An internal power circuit and the need to use an external power supply.
Protection against current and voltage surges.
- EMI Relations Department, EMC.
- Bound heat heat, gesture, dc current gesture.
- Temperature increase: increase the board temperature by 90 degrees Celsius.
Indicator bulbs that can be turned on and off by connecting the relays.
The product is for measuring temperature and humidity for the apartment. A DHT11 or DHT22 sensor is connected, and the temperature and humidity are measured in the application.
- Two places designated for two digital sensors, including a designated place, either a digital sensor (such as magnetic sensor sensors and others) or to be enlarged by RGB LED Strip to control the level and intensity of lighting during the application.
The temperature reading or printing reading can be connected to the digital sensors.
- Enabled enabled.
- The application supports Android and iOS.
- The app supports timers, function and function.
- The application supports controlling the internal circuit from anywhere with the Internet.
- Managing the running and stopping time through temporary financial timers to provide electricity.
The product comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
- Product dimensions: 26.5 cm long, 10 cm wide, 3.5 cm high.
Product weight is approximately 512 grams.