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Get Smart 8chanel Switch

EGP 2,750

Get Smart 8chanel Switch

Product Characteristics (8RD-RF)
The product is the second edition of the iHome-8RD product, the 8th product of the diverter line.
– The new version is characterized by support for control through RF Remote Control.
You can connect any RF remote control with you so that you can control the lines while you are at home through it, in addition to controlling from the application and through the diverter keys.
– The new version features 3 digital sensors that can be connected to (Door Sensor - PIR - Gas Sensor) in addition to a temperature and humidity sensor (DHT11-DHT22) in addition to an RGB input with a switch to control the RGB on / off.
Sensors entrances are easy to connect and install.
The product supports Amazon Alexa and you can control all the lines through Alexa.
- Each of the lines you can specify a verification code so that you can control showing and hiding each line and specifying the permissions.
- You can activate notifications for each line and for the sensors, so that if it works or disconnects any line or sensor, you will receive a notification on your mobile that will let you know the message that you specify for each line.
In addition to all the features of the first version of the following:
The product supports diffuser keys, and in the event of a product malfunction or shutdown, it does not affect the control through the diffuser keys and the control works without any problem.
The product contains 8 lines, each line 16 amps.
– The product has protections against high voltage - high current - high temperature.
Filter circuits with a high level of insulation.
The product works with 110 - 220 volts AC, in addition to a 12 volt 1 amp input. The product can be fed through the entrance.
– Bulbs indicating the status of loads, and their operation or extinguishing is controlled.
This will allow products in the near future that work on RF and thus support sensors without cables and connect to the system without cables and only an internal battery.
The new generation of iHome products will offer a great level of luxury and integration.
The product comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
Product dimensions: 21 cm long, 10 cm wide, 4.5 cm high.