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Qubino Flush 1 Relay

EGP 1,400

Qubino Flush 1 Relay

1 channel switch module, up to 10 Amps • Power monitoring & reporting • Temperature sensor add-on option • Works with AC or DC power supply (110-230V AC or 24-30V DC) • Requires 3-wire (neutral wire) installation • Supports 2 way installation
This product is a security-enabled Z-Wave device with encryption. The product must be used with a security-enabled Z-Wave controller in order to fully utilize the product.
The Qubino Flush 1 Relay Plus is a single channel Z-Wave switch capable of controlling 1 independent appliance or light circuit up to a maximum load of 10A. It fits into an existing light switch enabling you to wirelessly control appliances as well as measuring their power consumption.
Power Monitoring The Relay monitors the power being used by your appliance and reports actual power (Watts) and total consumption (kWh) - helping you control and reduce your energy bills.
Temperature Sensor Using an optional temperature sensor, the Qubino Relay can report the temperature to your system - you can use this to control heating, blinds and ventilation systems.
NOTE: The Relay Plus has different wiring for the external switches, read the manual before starting wiring - especially if you have used earlier versions of the Qubino relays